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After checking out the ghost light, the coven made their way for an impromptu visit to the stage-left balcony. Here we encountered an energized exchange with a possible spirit who intelligently responded to our questions. While these techniques are complementary to an investigation where the purpose is to gather information and data, not all psychic abilities yield themselves to an adventurous detective agency.

Our Lizzie Borden event was an amazing night with some great experiences and is now scratched off of our guests bucket lists. We had so much fun with everyone and the staff, especially Danielle Cabral, was helpful, informative and hospitable. Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast is a must for any paranormal enthusiast. Thank you to everyone who came out and joined in the fun that night. “McPherson Paranormal Society likes to investigate sites during the day and night time. The bigger the site is the longer it takes,” Allen said. The K-II EMF Meter is a staple of any paranormal investigation.

Since then, thousands of bands have played in the building; including notable performances by Lady Gaga and The Strokes. Charged performances by electric artists often leave a lasting impression. We look back now on the investigation, with some time having passed with slight discomfort. Perhaps some similarities between ourselves and the characters is too difficult to ignore. Louie also provided us with a truly immersive “behind the curtain” experience. He gave a riveting presentation that covered everything from the history of the theater to some of the most famous shows that have taken place on its majestic stage.

SilentWhispers Paranormal Society is a non-profit paranormal group, serving New Hampshire and surrounding states. We pride ourselves on gathering scientific data to prove or disprove a certain location is haunted. At no time will this group expect compensation for any investigation we choose to do.

Among the better known spirits are Sallie White, an 1870s chambermaid who was shot by her husband because he believed she was cheating on him. A ghost dressed in a bolo tie and black hat, said to be King, has been spotted several times, and the elevator in the original building is said to regularly stop on the third floor, where the King Suite is located, without being punched. Employees also claim to have seen apparitions in the Menger Bar, and on the third floor, a ghost clad in a Davy Crockett jacket and “The Lady in Blue,” a woman clad in blue World War II-era dress knitting. It has long been said that the defenders of the Alamo are still living in the walls of the historical landmark, given they were dumped in a mass grave after their violent deaths. Moans have been reported inside the building, and guests at the Menger claim to have been spirits emerging from the walls. After Santa Anna surrendered to Gen. Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto, orders were sneaked back to the small Mexican force in San Antonio to destroy the Alamo.

Origin stories of the Lenape tribe, the natives of the land were investigated upon to peg their dawn at over 10,000 years ago. While their influence isn’t felt in the communities now upon their land, their customs and beliefs fit in perfectly with many of us today. Sensitives possess an increased susceptibility to energy and stimulation from their environments.

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