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As I investigated the church and its surroundings, I maintained a reasonable level of skepticism. I will say with confidence that I personally didn’t encounter any unusual patches of warmth on the sidewalk or anywhere near the church. However, the morbid sense of longing and sadness did make itself known to me. My source duteously informed me of unusual activity that could be paranormal.

“Nobody knows if this is true or not, ” said local folklorist Rhett Rushing. “There’s no documentation that this ever happened. What we do know is up through the 1970s, it was a place where teenagers would come and dare each other to go to the house.” The ninth floor is said to be haunted by the spirits of wounded Alamo defenders. For the past 5 years, Eastern Connecticut Paranormal Society has criss-crossed the state and New England working with hundreds of homeowners, businesses, and organizations looking for the truth behind the paranormal activity happening to them.

Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society is a professional investigation team in the realm of the paranormal. We use the scientific method of evidence gathering using audio, photo and video to find evidence of haunting or explanation for what is going bump in the night. As a team, we have done many investigations in and around the Olympic/Kitsap Peninsula in the great northwest region of Washington State. We charge no fees for our services and do this as a hobby for our own personal quest to gathering great evidence of the paranormal. We will also be offering some guided ghost investigations in the future to help share the knowledge that we have learned.

The property was the site of the 1842 Battle of Salado Creek between the Mexican army and Texans, and is home to Fort Sam Houston’s former hanging tree. The site also used to be an Indian encampment, and visitors have reported seeing their spirits in the woods. Lawyer Park Street, both died untimely deaths; Jolene died of cancer at a young age and Park later committed suicide.

Founded by Kevin Olson and Joshua Stewart, Southern Utah Paranormal provides free paranormal investigations to the residents of Southern Utah. The unique selection of members and contributors brings a variety of experience to the field and to solving paranormal mysteries. Representing the Southern Utah Paranormal Society for the A.P.E.X. Event included members Todd, Tina, and her daughter, Shannon. While at a site, the members of the team often find common explanations for the claims of the occupants. In conclusion, the team will report on its findings, and express their opinion that a site is “haunted” or “not haunted.” They distinguish themselves from other paranormal groups by going into a case by claiming they wish to disprove a haunting.

Gay said a few years ago, she and about 50 others interested in the paranormal showed up to an interview to be a part of a team at a hotel in Paris. She said herself and Buffy Ruckman were chosen to be a part of the paranormal team at the time. The Northeast Texas Paranormal Society has investigated things that go bump in the night for more than 12 years, including Paris and its surrounding area. Institute officials say they do not officially acknowledge the existence of the spirits at the museum, but they confirm that there have been employees who say they’ve seen or felt a ghostly presence.

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