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Armed with their equipment that detects paranormal activity, they attempted to make contact with the spirit. We are a team of paranormal investigators who conduct ourselves and our investigations in an utmost professional manner. As a team of paranormal investigators, we’re aware that we must keep an open mind and a willingness to experiment. In our prior pop-up paranormal investigation outside the perimeter of BAM we sought the spirit of Marian Anderson.

A psychic is much more than just a fortune teller, and contrary to popular belief, they can’t simply read your mind and tell you what you want to hear. Those who are genuine rely on the special ability of extra-sensory perception , an extraordinary phenomena that allows the psychic to sense and then read energy that others can’t generally see for themselves. In using this ability, a psychic can give you information about your future regarding an array of subjects.

If you are interested in having your home or business investigated, or if you would like to have PIM present or appear at an event or in the media, please fill out our contact form. Please use our Search Box above to see if your question has already been asked, this will save you time waiting for answers which are already on the site. Investigations begin with a request followed by a phone interview to find out details and determine if the claim is serious, Haney said. A small team may go out and do a site survey to interview the people, take pictures, do a safety inspection and look for obvious environmental contamination. The MFPS determines whether the sounds or sightings can be explained by machinery or outside contamination, he said.

The men sent to level the building returned to their commander unsuccessful, reporting ghosts with swords of fire guarding the shrine. Victorian London is experiencing an invasion of malevolent phantoms. The government officially denies it but has secretly asked The Paranormal Society for help. The Paranormal Society™ is an adventure video game developed by G5 Entertainment AB and released on iOS (iPhone/iPad) in April 2016. “There are times we get to them when they’re crying or when they’re angry,” he said of the paranormal activity.

We do not participate in séances or partake in the use of Ouija boards. We believe that these bring entities into the location that are not attached to events there and may even bring in negative entities. We employ a great arsenal of equipment including high quality audio recorders, DVR recording systems, full spectrum camera, hand held camera and camcorders. Osbourne is an adventurer and paranormal investigator who has documented harrowing face-to-face encounters with the unexplainable in some of America’s darkest and most remote regions. On his latest series, Portals to Hell, Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman investigate the world’s most sinister haunted locations they suspect are gateways to the spirit world. They peer into the dark void of the unknown as they document evidence of paranormal activity and search for answers about the afterlife.

It’s estimated that 20% of the world’s population is sensitive, or in some way psychic. The group does more than investigating, Springer said they also have game nights and discuss how religion and the paranormal intersect. Additionally, the group consists of skeptics and believers which gives way to plenty of debating.

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