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He not only has an excellent radio show, but he also has a cable access show “Haunted in New England” AND he has “Are you Haunted” tours as well. Finally I would like to recognize the hard work and dedication of our dear friends Denny and Tiffany-Beth Gager. Their Internet Radio Station, DTM Wicked Radio, has grown so much over the last year and it is all because of their hard work and dedication. They are incredibly hard workers and the kind of people that you are proud to call your friend.

As long as I can remember I’ve been asking questions and doing observations of the most interesting and intriguing things. While sitting on the sidelines, I’ve done the research I’ve asked the questions – all has continued to peak my interest. But there comes a time in every person’s life when you either shit or get off the pot. In 2012 that I knew that I could no longer sit idly by and watch the world from the comforts of home.

Once equipment is set up and the team is ready to begin their investigation, they begin asking trigger questions, which are used to spark activity in an area that may have served as the location of a traumatic event. Sarah Allen, a paranormal investigator for McPherson Paranormal Society, said her investigations are confidential and private, to make her clients feel more at ease. McPherson Paranormal Society is a private, non-profit group that doesn’t use many high-tech gadgets. Allen allows her clients come to her — she doesn’t like to force anything upon them to make them feel uncomfortable.

The most notable of notable psychic abilities vary from Apportation — the ability to teleport yourself or an object; to Thoughtography which is the ability to imprint images from one’s mind onto physical surfaces via psychic means. Another type of equipment is the spirit box, which Shear is skeptical of. The box scrolls through radio channels at a fast pace, creating white noise that spirits can manipulate. Dalen is addicted to history both in and outside of the paranormal.

It broadened its investigation by searching for its status both federally and at the state level and found no evidence that they were a registered non-profit organization. They also found that the raffle was in violation of the state’s gambling laws as it allowed those that could be under the age of 18 to participate. In short I’ve only tried for an hour or so, and I’m not going to strain my eyes anymore. In this font size displayed on my iPad, with my good current glasses, and in strong light, I have trouble making out The text labels of the various segments related to settings and achievements and so forth.

The entrepreneur and fashion designer is the ringleader of the Ghost Brothers, with his finger on the pulse of the who, what, where, when and why of each case. After attending the funeral of a man lost to gun violence, he awoke to find the man standing over him… clear as day. It’s the experience he never forgot, and one that bonded him to fraternity brother, business partner and BFF Juwan Mass. Get to know the paranormal investigators and ghost-hunting pioneers behind your favorite Travel Channel shows.

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