Culture involving Established Poets: Arrogance and Incompetence

A Brief History Of Chinese Poetry

We will then read, compare and discuss two poems from the Classical Period and two “Misty Poets” from the Modern Period. Poets of this time wanted to break with the traditional forms and adopted some of the Western styles. Classical Chinese poetry originated during the Han dynasty from 206 BC to 220 AD.

And when advocates for the STEM fields do make room at the table for the humanities, it’s too frequently this toothless, much-diminished variety they have in mind. Keating says, “We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute.” But I fear that too often, when we do find a place for the humanities in the curriculum, we do so precisely because they are. Anderson seems like a journeyman to me; thus I cannot take his nomination seriously. Get your copy on Amazon, and please support the society for the good work it does in reviving and promoting classical poetry.

I would not give it high marks myself, so I tend to doubt Salemi’s abilities as a literary critic. “We’ve known for a long time that there was popular poetry in ancient Greek, but a lot of what survives takes a similar form to traditional high poetics. This poem, on the other hand, points to a distinct and thriving culture, primarily oral, which fortunately for us in this case also found its way on to a number of gemstones,” said Whitmarsh. The third book, now called Ars poetica, is conceived as a letter to members of the Piso family. It is not really a systematic history of literary criticism or an exposition of theoretical principles. It is rather a series of insights into writing poetry, choosing genres, and combining genius with craftsmanship.

Yet poets of the older generation tend to stress practical experience and criticize poetry professors for reciting theoretical mumbo-jumbo while not necessarily being able to write poetry well themselves. “It’s like trying to teach someone how to swim in a classroom.” On the other hand, scholars at research institutions, well versed in the famous poetry of history, feel that the work produced in these societies can’t really be considered poetry at all. Chien Chin-sung looks at poetry societies from the standpoint of their preserving folk arts and providing education outside of the schools. He recognizes that they face many problems, but argues that if they can recover or rebuild their relationship with the local people, they can serve as an important link between traditional and modern Taiwanese culture. Why did the Japanese, after prohibiting Taiwanese from establishing social organizations, not try to suppress these poetry societies? “It was because most of the Japanese officials posted in Taiwan also wrote classical Chinese poetry, and so they cut poetry societies some slack,” explains the old poet Chuan Yu-yueh.

In time, with the economic and cultural failures of the Cultural revolution under Mao Zedong’s leadership, the now “lower” class literati/students, revolted and led a revolution in poetry which helped precipitate what is now known as the “Tiananmen massacre”. In this first lesson we will begin our discussion about how art is a living organism that reflects the ideas and culture of a time and a civilization. As time creates new contexts and ideas change, the art will reflect these changes. China has a vast recorded history which illustrates this concept of art.

And look what a difficult, thankless task the White Man had set for himself! Look at the weighty responsibilities that he was shouldering, day and night, since he had to look after the health and welfare of so many people, and decide what was in the best interests of society as a whole! Under so much stress, surely he can be forgiven if he lost his temper now and then. Oh, and please let’s hear some more about how prejudicial–dare we say racist? –it is for critics to say categorically that ALL the white colonists and plantation owners were cruel and exploitative. If SOME of them were a bit excessive in their means, surely the glorious mission of bringing superior Western civilization to such benighted people justifies those excesses, on the whole.

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