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This estimate of market value is determined by examining sales of properties for calendar year 2020. Although there may not have been any physical changes to the property, buyers may be paying more or less for properties than they were in previous years. Sometimes your assessed value increased/decreased when you did not do anything to the property and you are not selling the property. The assessed value represents the estimate of market value of the property.

Securities firm digitizes its advisory businessWe helped a leading Japanese securities firm redefine its customer relationships by leveraging modern technology. Vinu Thomas has served as Chief Technology Officer of Presidio since early 2016. He is responsible for guiding Presidio’s technology strategy, solution and services offerings and industry thought leadership. In addition, Vinu is also responsible for marketing, vendor and product management. Greg Hedrick joined Presidio in 2020 as Chief Information Security Officer.

Improved communications connectivity across the flightline and integrated processes were also recommended to improve flightline operations. Together with airfield operations and maintenance, flightline security was another focus of breakout sessions to identify areas for improvement. The automated processes developed at the AFWERX Challenge can also improve aircraft maintenance operations.

Acumen takes diagnostics, project analysis and schedule optimization to the next level. Its tool suite includes built-in government compliance standards and empowers you to manage multiple projects across platforms. Early awareness about top opportunities for government contractors will help you build your pipeline and win more business. This end-to-end project management solution automates processes and provides real-time information, helping you simplify contract adherence and increase profitability. Our easy-to-use products are the global standard for project-based organizations of all sizes.

We also provide services to ease procurement globally with a suite of flexible financing and consumption options. Refocus on business priorities by leveraging our Managed Services experts and state-of-the-art NOC & SOC capabilities for efficient IT operations and rapid threat response. Innovate faster, build new revenue streams and boost customer experience without the cost and risk of dated systems. The networks became the official community partners of the Local Conference of Youth on Climate Change, LCOY Italia 2021, taking place from 20 to 26 September.

Vehicle Safety Periscope, our new safety brand, is advancing our vision of a future with zero crashes. Four Years in a Row, Fortinet has been named for its Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure. Learn why from customers who’ve implemented Fortinet LAN Edge solutions. Fortinet is recognized for completeness of vision and ability to execute for Security Incident and Event Management. FortiGate 3500F protects hybrid and hyperscale data centers, delivering the industry’s highest security compute rating of 8x for SSL Inspection. Changing the way the world thinks about the impact of technology on business and society.

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