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What kind of punishment is applied please help me

My boyfriend has been inspected by marijuana before he has no previous history or any involvement in any incident. He smoked cocaine to try when we left, and he got cocaine for two shots on top of it, this incident was inspected today, your file was closed at the prosecutor’s office, they said in February 28, there is a court to re-enter the jail. Thanks in advance…

I don’t remember exactly 0.05 grams of cocaine or heroin on my boyfriend. He panicked that he was a drinker and who he bought it from, and my boyfriend blamed it because that person was a fugitive and he was caught by the police because of my boyfriend. And my boyfriend’s main job is a taxi driver. That person said a lot, such as taking a taxi, making it and producing, and producing or whatever. He was arrested and sent to prison in court and will stay there until the other court. What do you think is fine if the registry is clean? He did not come out in his blood and said he would try it for the first time. The person who testified on him has a criminal record and was tried for another crime for 20 years. Does he lie inside a lot with the words of such a person? We will already hire a lawyer, but if you say something on Monday. Does it make it easier to be a student, a commercial taxi driver and have no previous criminal record? Please give an urgent answer right now in prison. How long will it stay?

Today, a friend of mine suddenly came in front of us and searched us and we caught 1.5 grams of marijuana, they kept us inside for 4-5 hours, they received medical reports and they said nothing would happen every time we asked (the prosecutor does not care, they said nothing, do not you see the state of the insiders or something, there were those who caught the meth or something), our statement. they took it for the first time, when I said that nothing would happen, that I would go abroad, they said it wouldn’t be a problem, you could go out with a petition, now do they put us in a practice like probation? How do we know about it, is there no way to prevent paper from coming home?

Please respond urgently. My boyfriend caught 0.05 g of cocaine or stone for a drink. He is a taxi driver and also a student. He has no previous criminal record. He only testified as a seller on the person next to him. Since the person next to him was a fugitive and he was caught by the police next to my boyfriend, he threw it on my boyfriend, as if he was taking it from him and doing it and take a taxi. That person was free of drugs. Another one went into the file. My boyfriend has also been in custody and has been in detention for a week. We appealed to the intermediate court and was rejected. We will have the right to appeal again after 1 month. If it is said that the other party will take his statement, will he be released in the first court? How long do you think it will stay inside even if it does not pull it? You know, even the house for selling was not searched for a car. His phone was also not confiscated. What do you think will be the result, can you please inform?

A friend of my brother who uses drugs is hospitalized while he was smoking, and slandered his family that he took the substance from my brother, the prosecutor said in his interrogation that I will judge you for 10 years. He is not a seller, he only has a supervised freedom.

I have been inspected from 1 oak cannabis, now I have cocaine caught in a 2-drink plastic bag, the prosecutor has closed my file 33.I have a hearing at the criminal court of first instance what will happen on the 28th of this month

Hello, my wife was caught with 24 grams of heroin on it 5 months ago, but she delivered the narcotics with her own hand.

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