Just what is the Intent behind Federal government? 

Purpose Of Government Essay

Even Steve Jobs’ major innovations, it turns out, were built upon research financed by governments in the United States and Europe. Kenworthy, Lindert, Bakija, and I have also produced a more academic book, due in the late spring, called How Big Can Our Government Be? It is based on the hope that facts—and good research—matter in this nation.

All governments enact laws however the law-making process and systems vary from country to country. The relationship is less obvious for other social programs, but they can also influence growth positively. For example, Lindert notes, generous paid family leave enables spouses to plan their careers, and invest in their skills, so that they can return to the job.

Governments provide a range of services to achieve this broad purpose, from public education, financial support to the poor and aged, and health care to building and maintaining a safe and efficient infrastructure, such as highways and bridges, and providing access to clean air and water. While all governments share this broad purpose, they act to implement this goal to different degrees, depending on the values of society. Social welfare states, such as those found in much of Europe, provide extensive government services, including free public education, income support, and government-supplied health care.

Government cannot provide anything for anyone that it does not first take from someone else. John Locke and other philosophers developed a solution to the problems that exist in a place without government. In a state of nature, people might feel free to do anything they want to do. However, their rights would not be protected and they would feel insecure. Service delivery and the individual experience within health and human services is often very siloed and fragmented.

Well, the answer is that there are things that our government should do. These are actions that are central to our survival as a democracy, and more particularly, our survival in a democracy that is actually a decent place to live for most people. In declaring their independence from the British empire, Americans did not merely assert themselves.

You’d never believe it from the rhetoric that lobbyists and Ayn Rand fanatics throw around, but this is quite often the case, particularly for large-scale infrastructure and utility projects. Freedoms are a point of tension in all democracies because, of course, laws passed by the legislature may and often do infringe on personal freedoms. It is often in the interests of the government to limit freedoms, and therefore although it is a role of the government to defend freedoms, it is also necessary to have checks and balances on government authority. This kind of protection is fundamentally different from that provided by mutual defense, which is more aimed at protecting the nation as a whole from armies and raiders. Protection of persons is, instead, all about preventing individual citizens from coming to harm, and preventing authorities from arbitrarily hurting citizens.

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